Remote Sensing Across the Great Lakes: Observations, Monitoring and Action

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The Central New York Region of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) and the Great Lakes Commission are collaborating to provide you with this opportunity to learn about satellite, airborne and in-situ remote sensing technologies that are being used to study, monitor and manage the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River system.

The Remote Sensing Across the Great Lakes: Observations, Monitoring and Action conference will be held on April 4th - 6th, 2006 at the Clarion Riverside Hotel, Rochester, New York.

Conference features include:

  • Keynote speakers on current regional observing systems
  • Plenary sessions on remote sensing technologies and data distribution
  • Breakout sessions covering a wide range of case studies and activities
  • Workshop Seminars
  • Technology showcase exhibition
The conference and workshop sessions facilitate information exchange between policy makers, scientists, and engineers from around the world to exchange ideas, share their interests, knowledge and expertise.

This exciting event will simulate future cooperative activities which may just lead to future opportunities related to data availability and develop a common vision to meet the needs of the new earth and ocean observing systems.

The Great Lakes St. Lawrence system has a complex network of data collection programs, reporting requirements and monitoring strategies and there is a renewed emphasis on developing integrated solutions from global, national and regional perspectives.

Who should attend?

If you are interested in remote sensing, photogrammetry, geographic information systems, land and natural resources management, observing tools and techniques, and web-based technologies for real-time data and information acquisition and sharing this conference is a MUST!. If you are:

  • Federal and state/provincial governments, academic and non-profit organizations that engage in data collection, development, storage and management that wish to explore new ways for regional information coordination

  • State/provincial/municipal information managers who oversee web and GIS technologies and are looking for new ideas and techniques

  • Great Lakes stakeholders who are interested in web and GIS tools to improve decisionmaking





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